Covid-19 Marketing Do’s & Don’ts


Have you implemented a Covid-19 marketing strategy yet?

Reasons why you should add Covid-19 awareness to your marketing strategies.

As the pandemic takes a shift towards opening back up the economy; many business owners are left with the challenge of adding some sort of homemade strategy, to deal with the short and long term effects of Covid on and offline.

Offline, some businesses will attempt to follow strict guidelines that will slowly wither away from the need to keep up with the demand for increased business. While others will throw all guidelines out the window and let the power of luck and faith do the work.

But when it comes to online, there is a grey area whether Covid-19 should or shouldn’t be mentioned. If you are wondering if it should be added to web & marketing strategies, you are in the same boat as the rest of America. In fact, the whole world when it comes to online marketing during a pandemic. Why? Maybe you can ask Dr. Fauci to answer that. But, this is simply because until now there was no demand or strategies for ‘Covid-19 marketing’.

Covid-19 is here to stay and here is why:

Since March 12th, 2020 Coronavirus searches have increased by 100% and to date have generated over 10 billion search results online. Coronavirus is trending as the highest searched topic worldwide in history. Covid-19 has changed our health, jobs, relationships, and behaviors globally effecting what we search and discover online.

The mass increase of information has created billions of permanently indexed links that will forever litter our image searches, and most likely any other search term result for a while…maybe even forever! Yep, I said it Coronavirus will litter our web for the rest of eternity!

How you can deal with it offline is your problem, but how you deal with it online affects every person that comes in contact with your brand online.

DO: Be considerate of others who are still practicing CDC Guidelines and always stay responsive online for any current and potential customers.

DON’T: Take a Social Media Marketing hiatus and leave your loyal customers and potential customers to guess what is going on with your business.

WHY: When you are unresponsive on social media you are still sending a message and risking your online reputation.

DO: Keep your online communities updated with newly implemented safety guidelines. Let your online community know what your “safe method” of doing business consists of and how it may effect the sales process.

DON’T: Litter your site and social media with a ton of irrelevant Covid related info.

WHY: Related Covid-19 traffic can increase your traffic, rankings and customers. Irrelevant Covid-19 content means non targeted traffic which causes your bounce rate to go up.

DO: Adjust your marketing efforts as needed to stay competitive and relevant online.

DON’T: Cut back your marketing budgets and say business is slow. It’s not slow, it has changed direction. Searches and sales online are up and its time to adjust your strategies to shift to where the traffic and buyers are.

WHY: Cutting back efforts can give competitors an advantage and have long term effects on your rankings and results. Offering safer alternatives or methods of doing business can be promoted as increased value and used in your advertising campaign strategies.

Overall we are in this world together and people just want to feel secure when they buy so do your part as a business and stay safe!

If your looking for some effective Covid-19 marketing and want a custom strategy created for your business, visit the contact page and leave a message with your online goals.

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