My Approach

The Best Marketing Strategy Ever, CARE.

  • Communication (clearly communicate the process and set expectations)
  • Accountability (take responsibility for solving issues or getting answers)
  • Responsiveness (don’t make the customer wait for communication or a solution)
  • Empathy (acknowledge the impact that the situation has on the customer)

Sheena Marie

Expert Marketer & Web Developer

Mentioned by:

Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Digg, Mashable

I Am Passionate About:

Creating HIGH quality Lead Generation campaigns, competitive PPC & Display campaigns, result driven Search Engine Optimization, engaging Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Advertising, Direct Mail or Newsletter Marketing, Online Local and Global Promotions, Event Planning, Graphic Design, Web Design, Development & Monthly Web Maintenance, B2b Marketing, Video Marketing, Business and Marketing Consulting, High ROI Marketing Campaigns, and Reputation Management…And if you ask my what I care about most I say they all matter and contribute to a consistently thriving brand, online.

My Story

I am Sheena Marie, I’m a dedicated Digital Strategist and Developer, I love life and spend a lot of time creating and executing online marketing strategies to help increase sales and influence online.

My Specialties Include: Creating powerful Online Marketing strategies, coupled with some good ol’ Grass-roots Marketing, with a dash of Guerilla Marketing executed by me or my team.

My personal passions include: My family, my fur babies, cooking, gardening, fishing and philanthropy.

Expert Advice…

If you would like to get a marketing consultation please feel free to visit the contact page and drop me a line with what your online goals or needs are and I will be happy to assist.